Palisade solutions are widely used for litigation strategy and corporate legal needs. Our @RISK and PrecisionTree software calculates the probability of many different possible outcomes to map out case success, determine fair market value of intellectual property, and forecast economic damages. As add-ins to Microsoft Excel, @RISK and PrecisionTree work seamlessly with your spreadsheets to create models that are easy to understand and provide new insights, allowing for constructive settlement discussions, productive negotiations, and more successful outcomes.

More than 93% of Fortune 500 companies are using our cost-effective, easy-to-use analytics to make better decisions.

With @RISK and PrecisionTree, you can:

  • Present an objective, realistic picture of all possible scenarios to your clients and opposing counsel, setting the stage for negotiations
  • Calculate risks and rewards of a case, forecast case budgets and identify key investigation areas
  • Account for variables such as risks, jury verdicts, regulations, IP protections, operating budgets, market adoptions rates, growth rates, and other unknown variables
“With @RISK, we were able to increase confidence in our conclusion by presenting clear and convincing evidence that was easy to defend. I use @RISK for every court case.”

Michael Pellegrino, owner of Pellegrino & Associates

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