@RISK or DecisionTools Suite → 8.0 Upgrade

Requires current maintenance and a stand-alone license. 

Please fill out the form to receive a download link and new Activation ID for version 8.0 of the same edition of your software. If you do not have current maintenance, or have already upgraded, you will not be able to receive a free upgrade.

To find your Activation ID, go to Help > License Manager or License Activation from your @RISK or DecisionTools Suite Excel ribbon.

 For other upgrade scenarios, Contact Palisade Sales.  

Note for Microsoft Project Users
The link between @RISK for Excel and Microsoft Project schedules that was offered in previous versions of @RISK is not included in @RISK 8.0. This means that Monte Carlo simulation of Microsoft Project schedules is not available in @RISK 8.0. However, cost risk analysis and schedules built in Excel can still be simulated as always. Palisade is actively evaluating how to best perform schedule risk analysis going forward.

Existing @RISK users running schedule risk analysis may upgrade to @RISK 8.0 and install it on the same machine alongside their previous version of @RISK (although they cannot be run simultaneously). Palisade will continue to support schedule risk analysis with @RISK 7.6.

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