@RISK/DecisionTools Suite 7.6.1 & Earlier Users

For perpetual software users of version 7.6.1 or earlier, you are entitled to a free upgrade to a perpetual license of the same edition of version 8 if you have a current maintenance plan for your software. (For example, if you have @RISK 7.6.1 Professional with current maintenance, you are entitled to @RISK 8.x Professional if you upgrade during the current maintenance period.)

Each license of software may be upgraded or updated to each new version only once. That is, a single license may not be used to obtain multiple free or discounted upgrade licenses.

Current Maintenance Holders of Standalone Software

Fill out the form to receive a download link and new Activation ID for version 8.x of the same edition of your software. To find the Activation ID for your current software, go to Help > License Manager or Help > License Activation from your @RISK or DecisionTools Suite product ribbon.

Other Upgrade Scenarios

Network Versions: If you have a network version with current maintenance, you are also entitled to a free upgrade to a perpetual license of the same edition of version 8. Contact Palisade Sales for your upgrade. 

Other Scenarios: If you are changing editions, products, or do not have a current maintenance plan, contact Palisade Sales for a price quote to upgrade.

Note for Microsoft Project Users

Although @RISK 8.x does not include the link between @RISK for Excel and Microsoft Project schedules that was offered in previous versions of @RISK, we are actively evaluating how to best perform schedule risk analysis going forward. In the meantime, cost risk analysis and schedules built-in Excel can still be simulated as always, and Palisade will continue to support schedule risk analysis with @RISK 7.6. Existing @RISK 7.x users running schedule risk analysis may upgrade to @RISK 8.x and install it on the same machine alongside their previous version of @RISK (although they cannot be run simultaneously).

Request Upgrade to DecisionTools Suite and @RISK 8

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