Using NeuralTools: A Practitioner's Guide to Unleashing the Power of Artificial Neural Networks

Spend an hour gaining risk analysis modeling insights -- direct from an expert

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have become one of the most powerful methods used in the field of artificial intelligence and modern-day analytics. Machine learning has given many businesses a competitive advantage but typically requires significant technical knowledge and expertise. However, NeuralTools gives users the power of machine learning combined with the ease of use and familiarity of Excel. 

This presentation provides an easy-to-understand overview of NeuralTools and ANNs. You will learn about what types of problems they are effective at solving, their biological inspiration, fundamental concepts of how they work, their potential advantages and disadvantages, and examples of real-world applications. To illustrate the mechanics and advantages of ANNs, this presentation also shows you how to use NeuralTools to perform handwriting analysis and recognition in Excel, analyze bank failure data, and more.

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