@RISK and PrecisionTree - Enhanced Decision Trees with Monte Carlo Simulation

Spend an hour gaining risk analysis modeling insights -- direct from an expert

PrecisionTree and @RISK, both part of the DecisionTools Suite, work together seamlessly. PrecisionTree represents chance events and payoffs with discrete values or probabilities. When combined with @RISK, @RISK enhances the analysis by representing continuous ranges of outcomes for chance events and payoffs, giving you a more realistic picture of possible outcomes. This webinar is an introduction to decision trees in PrecisionTree along with probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in @RISK, to demonstrate how these two programs can be applied to your everyday business analyses within Microsoft Excel.

For more than 30 years, Palisade software and solutions have been used to make better decisions. Cost estimation, NPV analysis, operational risk registers, portfolio analysis, insurance loss modeling, reserves estimation, schedule risk analysis, budgeting, sales forecasting, and demand forecasting are just some of the ways in which the tools are applied. This webinar will demonstrate how easy – and necessary – it is to implement quantitative risk analysis in any business.

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