What's New in @RISK 8

Learn Why @RISK 8.0 is Such an Important Release

Join Erik Westwig, Palisade’s Senior Architect, to see firsthand why @RISK 8.0 marks the beginning of a new generation in risk analysis! @RISK 8 is a major upgrade that represents the culmination of feedback from thousands of users. We focused on what is most important to you, based on the analyses you do every day. Furthermore, @RISK 8 has been rebuilt on the latest programming technology from the ground up. This forward-looking foundation ensures that @RISK will continue to provide the most reliable, accurate, and robust quantitative risk analysis available anywhere for years to come.

Erik will explore the many improvements to the user experience in this future-proofed update to Palisade’s flagship product. Everything you frequently do -- such as defining distributions, adding outputs, setting up a simulation, and analyzing results -- is now easier, more intuitive, and requires fewer clicks. The new reporting engine is a revolution from the previous version, streamlining communication of insights with key stakeholders. You will also see how @RISK gets you running quickly with a completely revised example file and help system.

Since 1994, Erik has been an integral part of the @RISK design and development team, taking over leadership of the 8.0 project in 2018. In addition to providing the vision for 8.0, Erik wrote major portions of the product directly, redesigning the interface and rebuilding much of the core architecture for optimal user experience and performance.

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