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Introduction to Project Risk Management using @RISK 

The aim of this seminar is to provide a basic understanding of how @RISK for Project Management can help you manage uncertainty in your Microsoft Project schedules. Using Monte Carlo simulation, you will learn how to account for schedule and costs risks in a quick and comprehensive way. At last, there is a way to answer the question “What is the probability that my project will come in on time and within budget?” With @RISK, risk modeling of your Project schedules is much more flexible and powerful than ever before. We will show you how to set up and run simulations, and how to interpret the results. You will learn how to use @RISK step by step, and become familiar with basic concepts and terminology. We’ll demonstrate powerful graphing and reporting that pinpoints where your risks lie and what their impact may be. You will see how using @RISK for your projects enables you to:

  • Calculate the probability of success
  • Graph the margin of error around the most likely outcome
  • Quantify and prioritize the risk drivers
  • Quantify the amount ‘@RISK’

Registrants also receive a link with example models to accompany the presentation.



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