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Comprehensive Project Planning 

@RISK for Microsoft Excel and Project

In this webinar, we examine a model that represents a fairly realistic development of a microelectronics board. The goal is to emphasize the importance of decision making in light of simulation results which would be very different if compared to deterministic data alone.

We will cover the deterministic MS Project plan and how a typical Work / Dedication = Duration (also Work x Rate = Cost) scenario is modeled. We'll then review two popular project management input distributions (Pert and Triangular) by using Risk Categories and @RISK's Parameter Entry Table tools. Correlation and how it affects results in critical and non-critical path branches will also be covered. Lastly we will explore the Probabilistic Gantt chart and Critical Path.

Presenter Eddie Rojas is an Electronic Engineering Program Manager for Woodward, an independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of control solutions for the aerospace and industrial markets.

Registrants also receive a link with example models and a slidedeck to accompany the presentation.



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